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Line Rider

Line RiderLine Rider is a very popular online flash game that gives the player unrealistic possibilities. This game belongs to the genre of logics/puzzles that has a positive impact on the development of human thinking abilities and on improvement “mind horizon”. With the game Line Rider you are not only guaranteed to have fun but also to get useful experience. The game is entirely based on physics, non-intrusive simulation of physical laws and the ability to create unlimited tracks, makes it a very interesting and realistic. Everything depends on your imagination. You take on the role of an artist. Flash game allows you to draw your own tracks for the main character – a man on a sledge. In this drawing game you can create your own snow

mountain, and then by clicking on the triangle see the boy on a sled sliding down your marvelous hill. Using a pencil, draw a hill with the help of straight lines, across which this merry man can easily slide! Do not stop there; draw interesting, steep hills, to show everybody how to have fun. But do not overdo it, if the bumps are very steep, he will fall down with his sled! The main objective of the character is to travel as far as possible and stay after all this alive, you are solely responsible to help him in this. You can create a variety of levels, improving your skills; unleash your creativity and your imagination. Puzzle mode is also available, where you can create the most intricate route. Due to the simplicity and freedom of expression, the game is just interesting to play. After you draw your route, press "Play" button on the screen and watch. TIP: to get acceleration you need to jump. But remember about the main trick of the game: everything is modeled by maximally true physics and you should take this into consideration by drawing each of the new routes. Besides common mode, the game will also have “campaign” mode consisting of 8 chapters, during which you will have to beat 40 puzzles. Control is done by mouse. Toolbar is placed at the top of the screen. "Pencil" - the coating line depends on the direction the line is carried out, if you carry a pencil left to right - the sliding surface of the track will be at the top of the character can move through it. "Line" - draws straight lines. "Eraser" - erases the picture. "Magnifying glass" - is used to zoom, to return to normal press the SHIFT. "Hand" - is used to navigate through the working field. "Play" and "Stop" - starts and stops the passage of the track. "Flag" - used for the application of flags on the track during playback.

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